Sunday, 17 June 2012

Swoon Block 3

Not much time for sewing this week but I did manage to make block number 3 for my swoon quilt.

(I really don't know why this photo came out so dark, I took it in the sunlight)

This is how my blocks actually look

And this is how they look in mosaic maker which lets me pretend I have made more blocks than I really have

I am experimenting with layout ideas as I think the blocks with two patterned fabrics are a bit busy and I think I am going to make more blocks with the blue solid so the finished quilt will look something like this but with lots of different fabrics.

I am off for a LMQG meet up now, we are going to see our mini-quilts in John Lewis!
Have a great week everyone. 


  1. It looks fab - or WILL eventually look fab that is. I realy like swoon blocks...I'll have to add it to my list of quilts to make!