Sunday, 3 June 2012

Fat Quarterly Retreat

Yesterday I went to the Fat Quarterly Retreat. Sadly finances would only allow for one day of the weekend but I had a great time, it was wonderful to meet people from the various virtual quilting bees I am in and increadible to be in a room full of so many amazingly talented people.

First up was a paper piecing workshop with tacha bruecher  I had tried doing paper pieced hexagons before but it was great to do a class and really learn how to do it properly. I can see how it could become completely addictive.

I will be working away on this to make a hexagon pillow - it may take some time!

Next up was an embroidery workshop with Aneela Hoey we made these sweet little robin embroideries

What was really great about this workshop was seeing all the robins come out with distinct little personalities. I love how embroidery always seems to contain so much of the person who made it. Look at all these fabulous little robins.

Other highlights included checking out all the fab handmade bags people brought with them and hanging out with the people from the LMQG, it really made the day for me, thanks LMQG!


  1. It was so much fun, and lovely to see you!!!
    I have almost lost my voice, for some reason ;-)

  2. Today was a lot less manic - much more relaxing with more time for chatting!