Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Thank you

Thank you for all your helpful comments about my swoon quilt. I decided to go with some more solids and bought a bunch but when they arrived today I realised they are not going to work either so the Swoon and I are no longer friends remain at an impasse. I have spent my whole months fabric budget and spent quite a lot of the food budget on fabric as well so I will need to wait until November now before moving forward. Honestly how can I have so much fabric and none of it be right for this quilt???

So anyhow I have gone back to the stars and made this one for Lyanna . It was so easy for me to put it together it almost made me laugh. I may have mentioned that these blocks were terrible when I started and I nearly left the Bee, I can hardly believe how quickly I can make them now.

I also got some more blocks from my lovely bee-mates and laid them all out on my bed to look at them. I love them so much!

 I am thinking of making either a rainbow stripe or one big rainbow star on the back. Do you think it needs sashing? I am thinking sashing but I also like them close together. What do you think?

Hope you are having a good week.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Swoon Trouble

I have been working hard on getting my swoon quilt finished these last couple of weeks. Trouble is I just don't love it. I adore the pattern, it was on my list of quilts to make for so long. I spent ages collecting the fabrics for it and although I like all the fabrics individually and thought they would look good together they just refuse to play nicely. I am really disappointed because I so want to love this quilt but it just isn't working. Worse still I can't see what I need to do to make it work. I am very frustrated with it.

SIGH!!! So now I am in a dilemma over what to do.

Option 1 - abandon it, stick all the blocks in the cupboard and ignore them. Not my preferred option but then at least I could get on with the other projects I am itching to make. This bundle of gorgeous marmalade arrived in the week and I am desperate to start on it.

Option 2 - remake some of the blocks. This is what I think I will probably do. Trouble is I cannot for the life of me see how to make it better. Some of the fabrics just look wrong. At first I thought the addition of a solid to some of the blocks would make it work, and it has helped but the blocks with two different fabrics still either look too busy or too similar to me. It is hard to see this on the photo above so I made a mosaic that better shows the problem.

The blocks that are causing me trouble are the three corner blocks. I just don't think they work. I am thinking of remaking them in different fabrics. Probably not solids but I am not sure what to choose.  I need a fresh pair of eyes to look at them. What do you think? Any suggestions would be very welcome as I feel totally stuck on this one.