Thursday, 7 June 2012

LMQG mini-quilts

Annie, from the London Modern Quilt Guild, organised a display of our mini-quilts in the Bistro at John Lewis, (my favourite department store) on Oxford Street. We have a date booked in to go and have lunch and admire our work but yesterday I had an appointment in town and couldn't resist sneaking in to check if they were on display and yes! they were up.

It was really exciting to see them on display. I tried to snap a few pics on my phone, surreptitiously going up and down the escalator (I know it is crazy but I felt too shy to go right on into the bistro without ordering anything and snap away) after six journeys on the escalator I realised I was being totally bonkers and was probably going to draw attention from the security team so I just went in and took photos - and guess what they were so much better than the escalator ones!!! (Doh!)

Escalator photo = NOT good

Photo from inside Bistro = SO much better (and saner!)

Don't they look great? It is really exciting to see our work on display. Charlotte made a quilted version of one of those scanable bar codes and if you scan it it links to the LMQG. You can see her quilt on the far left actng as a super-cool signpost to the LMQG website.

My mini-quilt is the (slightly out of focus) folded star on the bottom left.  I can't wait for all of us to go and have lunch a snap a group photo with all the quilts. Thanks Annie for organising this, you are awesome!


  1. Thanks for the preview...may have to go and take a peek myself this weekend

  2. eeeeeeeeek!!!! they look FAB!

  3. thank you for posting these! I don't think it's finished - they are going to be painting the wall and putting our names next to them. (I hope!)