Sunday, 4 September 2011

Keyka Lou Clutches

I had a bag making weekend this weekend. I have been looking at Keyka Lou patterns for some time and really wanted to try them out but the sensible part of me kept saying "you have enough bag patterns and bag books" but hey! when does sensible me ever win??? I'm far too impulsive when it comes to craft purchases so I tried out the keychain clutch and curvy clutch patterns. These are the results

Not really sure about the button, it reminds me of rudolph : ) I might change it. The pattern called for velcro but I can't stand the noise of velcro, it reminds me of school classrooms and bored children opening and closing the velcro fasteners on their school shoes...shudder!
But I LOVE the lining

This clutch is so teeney tiny and has a little swivel snap hook (yes that is what they are called apparently - I just googled it) on the end so I can attach it to things, ideal for taking some spare change, keys and my gym card to the gym or I might just carry it around to look at it 'cause it is so cute.

The second bag I made was the Curvy Clutch. This was a great pattern, really easy to follow and I quickly made this clutch with some Katie Jump Rope fabric I've had for ages but could never decide what to use it for. I lined it with some cute birdie fabric that I had also stashed away. Result! my pattern buying guilt was absolved by using two stash fabrics - yay!

I love making quilts but I really love the satisfaction I get from making bags. For me quilts are a long term project and I often have to take a break during the process of making them. I like having other little, short term projects to get on with even though it makes the craft room a little cluttered to say the least.

I also enjoy knitting but I never, ever knit in the Summer. I think it is a habit from growing up in Australia where it is far too hot to be working with wool in the Summer. There is no reason why shouldn't knit in London summers as they are never too hot but somehow I just can't get over my old habits. It is starting to feel cooler here now, Autum is on it's way and I've been looking around for knitting patterns. I was so excited to find  this class at Loop my favourite knitting shop in London. I love making wristlets and armwarmers so I am really looking forward to this class. My two little kittens have taken up residence on top of my knitting bag. Hopefully they will be too big to fit there by the time October comes around and I will have my knitting materials back to myself.