Monday, 11 June 2012


Just a quick post from me today to show you my lovely string quilt that returned from the long arm quilters today. I am delighted with it!

Here is a close up of the quilting design. You can hardly see it on the front as the quilt is so colourful but it works really well on the back.

Because this quilt is so big I didn't want the expense of buying metres and metres of fabric so I combined some favourite prints I already had with some sale fabric. I was really pleased to see my faves on the back as I had completely forgotten I used them for this (in fact I was in a fabric shop on Saturday thinking "Do I already have some of that DS fabric? What happened to it???"). Next time I might do something more adventurous for backing but this one already has a furry seal of approval.


  1. It looks gorgeous Christine!! Show and tell for the next meet please :)x

  2. I love string quilts. How long did it take for the quilter to send it back?

  3. wow it looks great - and yes you can't see the quilt pattern on the front, but I would say that's a goo thing ... there shouldn't be anything competing with the sewing.