Monday, 31 December 2012

Last Quilt of 2012

I have been working on the super zig quilt for a while. I finished the front quickly but was undecided about the backing. I had enough rectangles left to make one zigzag stripe for the back and decide to team it with some Kona steel, a departure from my usual pretty florals but I am really pleased with it.
I quilted it simply, just following the zig zag. I am glad I did it myself but the basting was murder on my knees. I only have half the cartilage in one of my knees due to a series of injuries and operations and kneeling is ridiculously painful. I am definitely getting Debbie to quilt the next ones for me, at least until I have a house with a craft room and a huge, quilt sized table to work on!
I finished the binding this afternoon while watching sound of music - binding and watching tele bliss!!! Well off to welcome in the new year now - have a great one!

Friday, 28 December 2012


Hello Blog, sorry I have been missing for so long, it is hard to keep up with working, crafting and blogging, especially in the busy festive season, but here I am again with a look back over 2012.

For me there have been two crafty highlights of 2012. First up joining the London Modern Quilt Guild which has been amazing. I have met a terrific bunch of people, had loads of fun, been to some brilliant talks and workshops (Lu Summers, Tula Pink, Liberty), took part in a mini quilt exhibition in John Lewis, been totally inspired by the creativity and originality of the members and had a great time helping Annie at the knitting and stitching show and at the opening of her shop.  Thanks to all the members of the LMQG for making 2012 such a great year for me.

My other crafty highlight was joining Bee a Lonestar(burst), totally the best bee I have ever been in! Another funny and welcoming bunch of ladies who made this Bee my all time favourite. I learned so much about paper-piecing and really developed my skills, looking back I am astonished to find I made 34 of these blocks. My favourites are the rainbow blocks and the pink and yellow blocks with the grey background. This Bee was definitely a challenge, keeping up with four of these blocks a month was tough, paper piecing was hard to learn and I often felt like dropping out but I am so glad I stuck with it, in fact I might have even shed a tear as I finished my last block.

As well as Lone Starburst I participated in way to many other bees

Made a load more bags

Finished some quilts

still have a few projects that I am working on

and did a bunch of other crafty stuff

Overall I would say that 2012 has been a busy and productive year for me as well as being lots of fun. I am sad to see 2012 draw to a close but wish you all a very happy new year and hope it will be as happy and productive as 2012 was.