Sunday, 27 May 2012


Not much sewing going on here as I have been too busy enjoying the blissful sunshine. I did make another swoon block and a Rocky Road to Kansas block for Cara over at Bee Europa, excuse the photos it was pretty dark by the time they were done.

The rest of my weekend has been spent enjoying the sunshine and playing with instagram. I also bought this cute noodle / salad bowl, just what I needed for Summer Suppers.

Hope you had a happy, sunny weekend.


  1. it's been fab, hasn't it! I have so much to do but I somehow just don't want to do it ;-)

  2. Love the blocks and pics! Although I prefer looking at pics of Central London in the heat rather than being in it ;-)

  3. Great photos, London looks amazing in this weather. The blocks are fab too, especially the blue swoon block.

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