Monday, 21 May 2012

Bee a Lone Star disaster

No as you probably already know I am in Bee a LoneStar(burst) over on flickr. The Lone Star is a gorgeous paper pieced block but I make no secret of the fact that I find it hard. It challenges me because I am not good at anything that involves reversing something (yes that includes driving) and it is hard to get my head around have the fabric on one side and the paper on another. I really have to concentrate hard to get the blocks right and in concentrating hard I make ludicrous sewing mistakes like sewing my finger or slicing my finger with the rotary cutter.

There are two queen bees every month so I have to make four tricky blocks a month, the concentration is killing me!!! I am getting better though and have learnt loads from the ladies in the Bee who are all increadibly helpful with their advice and kind and generous with their comments (even though I am pretty sure I don't deserve some of their praise). I was really pleased with my efforts for Hollie this month. She chose an unusual combination of tangerine, aqua and red which looks amazing. Here are my two blocks, made with some precious Heather Ross fabric and my stash of Joel Dewberry Heirloom.

I was pleased with them. They looked good, they were the right size, the fabrics are some of my favourite, I was done halfway through the month. I joyfully posted them on flickr then realised the background fabric should have been Kona Ash not white. Aaaarghh!!!! Back to the drawing board :(


  1. What a bugger!! They are beautiful blocks all the same x

  2. pants! Never mind, that means you get to keep them :-D