Saturday, 12 May 2012


SO even though I resolved not to start any big quilt projects unless I had time off to finish them I just couldn't resist cutting into my stash of Denyse Schmidt fabric to make this quilt. I had the pattern for ages and the fabric was all stacked up on my desk ready and waiting and I needed to reward myself for being so good finishing up 3! WIP quilts that had been hanging around for a year. Anyhow you know how it is I couldn't resist. The blocks came together super quick and before long I had them all ready to lay out on my design wall living room floor, yes it is another massive quilt. I had to make my living room a cat free zone to lay out the blocks and I felt slightly bad as they scratched at the door to come in and get a fix of fresh quilt but I resisted as I knew 2 cats + 63 quilt blocks = chaos. So here are all the blocks laid out

I used some Denyse Schmidt as well as Kei dots, some Laurie Wisbrun Modern Whimsy and some vintage fabric I had. I love how fresh and pretty it looks.

I started to sew the blocks together and was laying out the strips on my bed, all neatly pressed (don't you just love the smell of freshly ironed fabric) and inevitably this happened

What is it with cats and fabric?  I can't really be cross with her, she just loves quilts as much as me :)

I am spending the whole rest of the weekend sewing - yipeee!!!

Happy Weekend to you


  1. gorgeous! I love the colours :-D

  2. Gorgeous fabrics, gorgeous quilt!!