Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sewing Saturday

Yesterday was sewing saturday. I only left the house once to get food - my fridge was empty except for some out of date eggs that I thought were best avoided (once I had Salmonella, an experience I never wish to repeat). I sewed for the whole rest of the day. I finished my Radio Way quilt

 Can you see Tess the shy kitty just behind it on the left?

 Close up
Obligatory Cat shot - this is why I had a mouthful of cat hair when I went to sleep - yuck!

Then I finished up the third of my four Bee a Lone Star(burst) blocks. I may have overdone it with the spots, it looks slightly like some scary sea creature......

This is Block two of the four (actually three of five if you include the test block) I don't think I have posted this.
These blocks are paper pieced and I have been finding them quite hard. Also concentrating on them has led to me making lots of rookie mistakes like sewing my finger, slicing my finger with the rotary cutter, sewing without any thread in the machine - doh! Honestly it is like the past 30+ years of sewing never happened!!!
The ladies over at Bee a LoneStar(burst) have given me so many good tips and endless positive comments. Without these I would have given up after the first two blocks. I am so grateful to them and now feel like I am getting the hang of these blocks. I love the design and can't wait for my month - rainbow stars.
I also began a Nikki Tote ( I cannot recommend this pattern highly enough and Michelle has 10% off this weekend) in some luscious Echino fabric I have been hoarding. Unfortunatley I ran out of thread for topstitching the handles so it is not finished but I am loving it so far.
I used some Echino for the inside too but didn't have enough so it is a bit of a mash-up, some purple for the inside band and some leftover fabric from the front for the pocket but I love how it turned out. 
Such a shame I ran out of thread last night, it would be the perfect bag to take out for brunch on this lovely sunny sunday. Yes I am leaving the house today to socialise but will be back later for some more sewing.


  1. wow you've been busy, LOVE the spotty star, if it need a home I have room ;) and that bag looks gorgeous, off to see the pattern... x

  2. Radio Way looks great!! I can't wait to see how you quilt it!