Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mini Quilt Challenge

So this month's challenge for the London Modern Quilt Guild was to make a mini quilt. Annie has arranged for 12 mini quilts to be displayed in John Lewis on Oxford Street so we all had to make a quilt that summed up modern quilting.

 I was really excited about the challenge but somehow in between trying to finish up my WIPs, keeping up with Bee blocks, completing the tricky Lone Star paper pieced blocks and attending the wonderful Lucie Summers workshop I just didn't have time. I thought it would be ok because Annie had said if we didn't attend we could post pics on the flickr page but when I got there everyone had made a mini quilt and they were all fabulous!! I felt like the biggest slacker, not even bothering to make one. Annie told us the deadline was the following evening so I spent all the next day making this mini quilt.

I used this tutorial from the Moda Bakeshop. I love this block, partly because I love star blocks but also for the texture which reminds me of Origami. For me modern quilting is taking traditional materials and techniques and updating them with colourful, modern fabrics. A huge part of modern quilting for me is accessing tutorials and virtual quilting bees via the internet. I have learned loads through the internet and am constantly delighted to find people out there doing very  traditional crafts in a thoroughly modern way and sharing their knowledge so generously through blogs and flickr groups. You can see all the other quilts over on the flickr page


  1. Fabulous! I love the binding fabric - what is it??

  2. Looks awesome - well done!

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