Monday, 16 April 2012

Progress - at last

Well I have finally finished all the blocks for my string quilt!!!!!!!! 1 Gold star for me :)

I am so delighted to be done with them and ready to start sewing them together. I trimmed them all up then suddenly rememberd why I abandoned this project in the first place, some of the solid strips in the middle are not straight and I have realised will not line up accurately. However I have decided I am going to go ahead and just get it done - an imperfect quilt is better than 48 quilt blocks sitting in a cupboard!!!


  1. noone but you will ever see that the strips don't add up, there are just too many to see such tiny littel details. That must have been some work sewing all those strips together. I bet it will look great once the blocks are united.

  2. I made a similar strip quilt with white strips in the middle and they were also not quite straight. I promise you that once it is sewn together and quilted you won't notice. Honest!

  3. It's going to look so gorgeous finished, a few wonky bits won't show!