Sunday, 15 April 2012

Hello, I am back :)

Hello, I have been away this week in Edinburgh having a sewing free week. The most exciting part of my week was seeing the Giant Pandas in Edinburgh Zoo. I really wanted to see them but was a little worried I would be disappointed (you know that feeling when you see something you have always wanted to see and think "well it looks exactly like I thought it would"?).

As the pandas are so popular you need to book a time in advance and can only go at that time. On the day I booked the weather was horrible, snowing, sleeting, chucking down rain and I realised I had a hole in the sole of my shoe, so I was squelching around the Zoo in wet socks, with cold feet feeling pretty miserable but glad that there were lots of indoor areas where you could view the animals. I spent ages watching the monkeys in the warmth waiting for my allocated time slot then had to queue up in the rain again to wait to see the pandas. When I finally got to see them they were sound asleep, curled up in their little beds (lets face it I would have done the same thing given the weather). They looked so cute I was not disappointed.

The male panda asleep

The sleeping female panda - aren't those ears just adorable!

After we watched them for a while the lovely Zoo staff decided to feed the pandas - joy! The female didn't stir but the male got up and had lunch, he was so sweet the way he walked around and ate his food. I was completely smitten, look how lovely he is.

I was really glad I saw them, it is wonderful to see such a lovely and unique animal.

The rest of the time was spent in Edinburgh and Glasgow, sightseeing and shopping, my favourite find was this cushion from a vintage shop for the bargain price of £6. I completely love it.

While it is lovely to go away I am always glad to come home. I will leave you now with some pictures of my balcony pots which are flowering beautifully. As a child I had the Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady and was intrigued by the Snake's Head Fritillary so I am thrilled to now have these growing on my balcony.

(can you see the cat on the other side of the window - never one to miss a photo opportunity!)

Have a great week


  1. Looks like you had a great week, that panda is so cute!