Sunday, 29 April 2012

Lucie Summers Workshop

Hello Blog, sorry I have been neglecting you. It is hard to keep up with working, crafting and blogging, I can never seem to balance all three.

Today I had the BEST time at a workshop with Lucie Summers organised through the London Modern Quilt Guild. Lucie is the most lovely person and made us all so welcome in her beautiful home. She had created screens for us from designs we had emailed to her and it was so exciting to be able to make our own labels. I went a bit totally crazy and screen printed like a mad woman, I now have so many labels I will be able to label everything I make for the rest of my life!!! I made them in loads of different colours on different fabrics, here are some of them.

Not only did we get to make the quilt labels Lucie also let us use some of her screens to print our own fabrics......I feel a quilt coming on.......

Thank you so much Lucie for a wonderful workshop!


  1. eeeek! so gorgeous! Now I am even more exciting to be going :-D

  2. I've been so knackered I haven't done anything since I got in - I'm surprised you haven't been making more labels!

  3. Oh wow - I can't wait to go now!! I'll go get more fabric :)

  4. Stunning!!! I am weeping slightly now because work committments prevented me from going, stupid work!!!

  5. Wow! lucky you - I'd love to do a workshop with Lucie!!