Wednesday, 4 April 2012

I love cardis

So I finally finished the little cardi I was knitting for my niece. She lives in Australia so it should reach her in time for the cooler weather as they go into Autumn and Winter. I am really pleased with how it turned out - despite the constant kitten attacks!

I'm also really pleased to have finished it. For me the worst part of any knitting project is finishing it. I hate stitching it together and weaving all the ends in. I have an irrational fear that everything I make will fall apart. I don't know why I always feel like this since I have some pretty spectacular numbers I knitted in the 80's that are still in one piece (not that I would ever wear them now!!!). My sister calls it craft anxiety - an irrational fear that everything will fall apart and come unravelled or worse will never be finished - EEEEEKK I feel a panic attack coming on!

So the little handmade gifts for her first easter are the cardi and the bunny, hope she likes them.

 I'm off to buy some lego for my nephew to include in the parcel now. I was going to make him something but apparently he loves lego which is good for me as I never, ever have lego anxiety ;)

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  1. The cardigan is adorable, as is the bunny. I think you should don one of those 80's numbers for the next meet ;-)