Thursday, 5 April 2012

Just Three Things

Just 3 button

So TracyJay has come up with this brilliant idea of just three things, each month you write down three thingsyou will complete and at the end of the month reflect on how much you achieved. I love this idea as I keep starting new stuff and end up with little piles of crafting projects around my flat and an overwhelming sense of panic about craft overtaking my life. Actually this year I have been doing pretty well with finishing projects but lately little new projects began creeping in. First a couple of LMQG challenges, then a paper piecing project, then some knitted handwarmers and I'm starting to lose focus so just three things is exactly what I need.

My three things are

Finish the three quilts I have almost finished

1. Finish the remaining 9 blocks for this one and send it off to the longarm quilter (at least that way it will get done!)

2. Quilt this one now I have lots of pink eyelets fabric for the back

3. Send this one to the longarm quilter too. I have pretty delilah fabric for the back and I think it will look lovely with flowery quilting. I am not expecting these to come back before the end of the month, just sending them off will be my achievement.

Now that seems achievable........must remember to focus :}