Saturday, 10 March 2012

String Block Quilt

Last year I started making a string block quilt with some punctuation fabric. I love the fabric and I love the string blocks but I just find them really tedious to sew. All those straight lines and endless pressing of fabric, no wonder it has taken me a year! I'm determined to get the quilt finished by easter, well at least the top of it, so I blitzed the remaining blue and yellow blocks in one hit. 27 blocks done now only 21 to go.

 I love how they look and I know the finished quilt will look pretty I just have to make myself focus on finishing them up. I'm going to try to do them in sets of three or four because it seems more manageable than doing them individually. Does anyone have any tips to make them more fun to sew?


  1. I use my scraps to make string quilts and have my 3rd one on the go. I just work on them now and again when I have enough scraps collected.

    I sew them onto muslin foundation and don't iron after each string. I use a little wooden roller pressing tool so it goes nice and quick. Then I iron once the block is finished.

  2. I haven't ever made a string block so can't offer any advice - but I think the finished blocks look great.