Sunday, 11 March 2012

BIP (bunny in progress)

Last weekend I went to the LMQG meeting. We were asked to bring a sandwich bag of scraps for the March challenge, which is to make a wonky log cabin or crazy block from the scraps. One of the lovely ladies (whose name escapes me) explained that she didn't have any scraps because she used them to make soft toys. Then she pulled out the most adorable patchwork bunny, it was so sweet I just couldn't resist stealing her idea to make a bunny for my baby niece as an easter present.

I used this free tutorial to make the bunny. I have loads of scraps and experimented with the best way of using them. In the end I stitched all the scraps to a piece of calico then cut out the pattern pieces. I have quite a bit of hand sewing to do now (great for Sunday night tv viewing) to attach the arms and head but I am loving the look of the bunny and feeling quite virtuous for making something so lovely from my scraps.