Monday, 10 September 2012


Well I had a bit of a blogging break there. A combination of lots of things to do, some stressful personal stuff to sort out and going back to work (sob! sob!). Anyhow this is going to be a picture post to update you on what I have been up to.

Went to the festival of quilts and did a Beanstalks quilt class with the lovely Tula Pink

Beanstalks in progress
Went to a LMQG talk by Tula where she shared some of her amazing quilts
 and talked to us about fabric design. I am in love with this drawing

Went to a wonderful talk by Sholto Durmlanrig (designer of the Bloomsbury Collection for Liberty Life Style fabric). I was so focused on looking at everything I totally forgot to take any pictures after taking this one of a display quilt (it was on a table so looks a bit wierd)

 Made a bunch of Quilt Blocks and some other stuff

And got my lovely grey and yellow quilt back from Debbie. I LOVE Debbie and I love, love love this quilt.

My fave Joel Dewberry Aviary for the backing

Have a great week everyone, I will endeavour to blog more often.
This week I may be making a bag.........


  1. I love your yellow and grey quilt! I made this pattern in Joel Dewberry's 'Heirloom'!!

  2. busy lady! Your quilt it BEAUTIFUL!!! Please bring it for show and tell!!!

  3. OMG who needs a rainbow, I want that yellow & grey quilt - STUNNING!!

  4. That quilt is wonderful, looks like you've had a great time.