Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Decisions, decisions

At the begining of the summer I bought lots of Laurie Wisbrun Brrr! fabric with these adorable polar bears.

 Now I love this fabric and I don't care that I am a grown woman and far too old to have a polar bear quilt, I am going to make myself a quilt out of this fabric. I just need to decide what quilt to make. I saw this quilt over on Flickr and loved it so I decided to make a swoon with polar bears and combine it with some red and aqua Melody Miller typewriters. I was so sure it was what I was going to make that I got a load of other fabric and made a red and aqua stack.

Trouble is I am already making a Swoon quilt. I am up to block 5 and I am not really enjoying it very much. I am not sure why, too much cutting, fiddly HSTs and flying geese that I can't get my head around. I have made 5 blocks but I don't love making them. I know I will love the finished quilt but I just don't enjoy making the blocks.

I had a look around blogland and saw this quilt and I thought it would be ideal. Quick to make, big sections of fabric to show off the prints, little cornerstones, perfect for polar bear heads or flowers and decided I would make this one instead of the swoon.

Last night I was looking at the swoon one again and I started to think I liked it better than the lattice quilt but can I make myself make another 9 swoon blocks (plus the 4 I need to finish the Swoon I am working on)? Will it take me ages and ages? Should I just do one block a month and not hurry? Will I hate doing it? Should I choose the easier option? Will I be happy with it? It is the fabric I love and the lattice quilt will show the fabric off well but will I always think "I wish I had made a Polar bear and typewriter swoon quilt"? Or is it just a mad idea to combine polar bears and typewriters?

What do you think? Maybe you have a better idea. I am very confused. Any suggestions gratefully recieved!


  1. I know what you mean about the swoon blocks, they are a real pain to make (cut, trim, sew, trim, etc etc) but I have to say that I love my swoon so much now that the pain has completely faded! Not sure I would ever make another one though ;-)

  2. Combination is good whatever design you choose, but I may be bias as I hate making HST ;-)

  3. It's true - you were the one who bought all the Polar Bears!!! ;) What a gorgeous stack of fabrics!!

  4. I think the big chunky ones will show off the polar bears better. It looks like it would go together very quickly so you would have a polar bear quilt in no time!

    Also I know there have been comments about it being troublesome to match up large scale prints in Swoon unless you fussy cut to match up the repeats perfectly. If you carry on with your existing Swoon at 1 block a month you can have it done by Christmas, and then you will have 2 lovely quilts. And probably another bag :)