Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Echo Bag

So this is the bag I desperately want to keep  made as a birthday present for my friend. I used the last of my lovely echo fabric. I had a hard time letting it go but I have already made an echo quilt so I thought I should use it for the bag as this is totally her colour. I keep reminding myself these days that I can't buy/keep ALL the fabric and to be honest once my stash gets to a certain stage it freaks me out and I think "Oh my god, I have too much fabric, I have got to use it all up before I buy anymore!!"

I used the Go Anywhere pattern from Anna at Noodlehead. I love that it has back, front and internal pockets but I wish I had made the bag a bit bigger. Nevermind it looks lovely I just like giant bags so I can carry lots of stuff around (like fabric and interfacing and craft books). 
 Apologies for the slightly dodgy photos, I took them at night after I finished the bag and before I wrapped it up, my kitchen was the only place light enough to get a halfway decent photo.

This is the back pocket (I promise it was not that wonky, it is the way I made it lean so the handles would stay up). I added a little keychain thingy inside as I always like to be able to find my keys easily.
 My friend loved it so I was glad I made it for her and will be content with admiring the lovely echo fabric when she uses it.
In other news I joined a couple of swaps hosted by the super-lovely ladies from my lone starburst bee. I had kind of made up my mind that I would take a break from bees and swaps so I could concentrate  on my own projects but I couldn't resist joining The Usual Suspects and then Sew Sew Modern. I'm really excited about these swaps and the best thing is the mailing date is January 2013 so I have plenty of time (remind me I said this when I am finishing my swap items the night before I need to post them).
Hope you are all having a good week. Now I have used up some of my stash I can buy more :)  I am so glad it is nearly payday,  I have a load of fabric in my shopping baskets at various on-line fabric shops and am just waiting until payday to press the purchase button - Yay!!!


  1. This is another lovely bag Christine! Beautiful fabric, beautiful colour. I can see why you would like to keep it but I'm sure its new owner will be very excited to receive it. And you have 29 other bags to keep you company once it has gone to its new home!

  2. looks fab!!!! I think I am going to make you a badge that says "bag lady". Or a cape. ;-)