Sunday, 8 July 2012


It has been a very busy week with a few late night work events so not much chance to sew anything. This blog post is really an apology......

Apologies to the London Modern Quilt Guild. I was meant to go to the meeting this morning and bring cupcakes. I made all the cakes and decorated them yesterday

I packed them all up and was ready to take them this morning.

 Like I said I had a few late night events at work this week so I was pretty tired. I forgot to set my alarm. I woke up just as the meeting was starting - oooops!!!

Now I have 24 (well I admit it's 23 now ) cupcakes, I am going to be popular at work tomorrow :) although I am sad I missed the meeting - sorry everyone.

I did make one block today, it is the Lone Star Bee block for Anna who wanted low volume fabrics. I have to admit I struggled with the colours for this one but I hope Anna likes it.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Awww shucks - those cupcakes look DELICIOUS too!!! Feel free to post me one ;) hahaha Missed you at the meeting and I am not at the August one so I will see you in September!

  2. Those do look lovely Christine - your workmates are very lucky! We did have nice biccies though. Very jealous of your major lie in! PS I love all the lone star blocks you have done, this one is no exception. Perfect piecing!

  3. I'm very cross with you now! I can understand not setting the alarm and missed you at the meeting - but to show us what we nearly had with the cakes!!! Very very mean.

    I won't be there in August either - see you in Sept if not before at a sewing day.

  4. delicious looking cupcakes, very tempting!

  5. I wondered what had happened to those cupcakes..oh I mean to you ;-)
    We missed you!

  6. That's just cruel, showing us what we missed out on. Very jealous of the lie in too!

    That block is beautiful, what is the spotty fabric?

  7. Christine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could you sleep in and deprive me of those!? ;-)