Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A pretty parcel and a holiday!!!

My sister was in Singapore on holiday recently and this lovely fabric arrived in my post box today. I love it that my sister sent me fabric rather than souvenirs.

The embroidery on the fabric is really amazing. Now I just need to work out what to make. At first I thought I would make a skirt as it is a border print but now I am thinking that if I make a top I will have enough fabric left for a clutch bag so I will probably go with that, not least because I have hardly any bags!

Other good news, Yay!!! I am finally on holiday and I am NOT going to check my work emails for at least a week (I promise).

My craft room looks like the room of crafting insanity, I'd post a photo but it is too embarrassing. I am using this post to organise my thoughts so I know what I am going to tackle in the holiday. Roughly the list is;
  • Finish binding FMF quilt
  • Bind punctuation quilt
  • Finish yellow and grey quilt top and get backing ready to go to Long arm quilter
  • Get backing ready to go to Long arm quilter for Echo and Star quilt
  • Finish 6 swoon blocks
  • Make sidewalk satchel
  • Make art student tote
  • Lone Star blocks for Anna, Dar and Katy
  • See Bee Blissful blocks for Kris
  • Make baby dresses for my neice
  • Make bags for my sisters (3 of them - I hope they are not reading this)
  • Finish paper-pieced hexagon cushion
  • Lay on the sofa watching tv for hours on end
Hopefully I will get some other stuff done too. It is suprising how much you can get done in a day if you focus and don't spend time watching daytime TV, drinking tea and surfing the internet (or so I am told.)

I also hope to enjoy the sunshine that has suddenly arrived in London after months and months of rain. It is a bit of a shock, I even saw a sign outside a local cafe saying "OMG the sun is shining!!!" I think that is exactly how we all feel.

Hope you are having a good week.


  1. wow - that's a pretty impressive list! Have fun :-D

  2. Blood hell thats a monster list! ;-)