Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic Sewing

So I have been watching the olympics and getting on with some hand sewing, not much to show yet as is takes me ages to hand sew. I wasn't really into the Olympic spirit but on Thursday I went into soho to get my hair cut, then I wandered around Liberty for a while and suprise! suprise! bought some fabric. As I came out of Liberty I found myself slap, bang in the middle of the olympic torch relay (yes the same one I slept through on Saturday when it went right past my front door). It was pretty amazing, the whole of Regent Street was packed with people, everyone was standing in the middle of the road. You really could not see a thing but the atmosphere was amazing, so happy and enthusiastic, so different to the usual London vibe.

 People were hanging out of the windows of the buildings and look at this guy on the roof!

 When the torch came past there was an almighty cheer, I could hardly see it but I did get this snap - can you spot the torch among all those phones?

It was fun to be part of it in such an unexpected way and it made me decide I should watch some of the Olympic coverage and at the same time finish binding my quilts (I admit it, I love the sewing of the top but I am not so keen on the quilting or the binding).

I have managed to do a bit of machine sewing too and finished up my second block for Anna in Bee a Lone Star(burst). Anna wanted low volume which was a challenge for me as I like bright colours but I am pretty happy with how this one turned out.

Hope you are all enjoying the Olympic coverage and that your team is winning gold!


  1. that block is lovely - the pezzies work brilliantly!

  2. I love this one! I like a bit of "low volume" too sometimes and this block soothes my soul. Beautiful points!