Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bloggers choice

Thers's a fab little give away going on over at quokka quilts (oh quokka's - making me feeling even more homesick than new year and january usually does in London, sometimes I just long to be back in Oz but enough of that...).

You can put together a bundle of fabrics from the Fat Quarter Shop and then, the most awesome part, have a chance to win not just a fat quarter but a HALF YARD of each of them!!!! Wowee!!! I just had to enter as I love, love, love putting fabrics together. I created this bundle while talking to my sister on the phone (for an hour and a half) while she was having a new year at home and describing the sydney fireworks to me. I'm calling it Spring Roses as I cannot wait for Spring and all its colourful glory. the greyness of January is quite hard to take sometimes and these would totally cheer me up massively!

Happy New Year everyone, have a great one, wishing you peace, happiness and joy for 2012.


  1. Wonderful selection of colors and prints. Good luck on winning the contest.

    blessings, jilly