Friday, 28 October 2011

Sewn Spaces Swap - pincushions

I signed up for the latest Sewn Spaces Swap, making pincushions. I've already done the sewing machine cover and needlebook swaps and couldn't resist the pincushion swap. My partner wanted a green pincushion with hand embroidery and "nothing cutesy". I had plenty of green fabric since my sewing cover partner also liked green (not my favourite colour so I went out and bought some which has come in pretty useful for these swaps). I spent ages poring over my partners mosaic but still couldn't decide what to make. In the end I went for tiny patchwork using green with some black and white sewing themed fabric.

I made some piping to go around the top and because my partner wanted hand embroidery I stitched the word "pins" then had no idea how to incorporate it into the pincushion. I really should plan these things rather than making them up as I go along! In the end I used it as the back although it went a bit wonky when I added the button.

After I finished I worried that the patchwork was too cute - not what my partner wanted. Just to be on the safe side I decided to make another pincushion using some natural linen I had with some more embroidery. So I made this

I used some Amy Butler fabric and this Life is Beautiful ribbon you can see in the close up below.
 It is probably even more cutesy than the other pincushion but I hope my partner likes it. It is hard to know what someone considers too cute, I think pink cupcake pincushions would be too cute I'd like to think these are just modern and a little bit funky perhaps. Fingers crossed for a happy partner.


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