Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Bee Blocks

I am in a couple of virtual quilting bees over on flickr which are a lot of fun. In the Sew Modern quilt bee we use modern fabrics and make funky, modern blocks. This month it is Becky's turn to be Queen Bee and she designed and wrote a tutorial for us for to make these blocks.
She sent lots of fabrics in purple, green and blue. I put all the purples together to make the first block which was really easy and quick to make. However when I got to the second block I missed out a step in the instructions and ended up with a tiny block so I had to unpick it all and start again. Unfortunately I had cut some of the fabric and could not use it as it was too small so I had to pick new fabrics to use. In the end the block turned out pretty well and it was good to step out of my comfort zone and put fabrics together that I would not normally have used. I really hope Becky likes them.

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  1. These blocks are great - I can imagine a quantity of them would produce all sorts of interesting patterns