Monday, 22 August 2011

4 x 5 Bee

This week I have been busily making blocks for the 4 x 5 Bee. In this Bee people in each hive request certain colours then we send out 5 blocks 4 times a year using our own fabrics. Yellow, Aqua and Orange were the most requested colours and my stash was sadly lacking which was an ideal opportunity to splash out on the new and fabulous Joel Dewberry Heirloom fabrics. These are the fabrics I pulled for the blocks.
I used this tutorial to make the blocks. It was a fun block to make and I was suprised at how different each block looked with the different colour schemes.

Scrappy Rainbow

Aqua, yellow and white
Snow, aqua and tangerine

Aqua, yellow and orange

Aqua, citron and white

I loved putting these blocks together and it really reminded me that I should make more use of my scraps rather than always buying new fabric.

Well now I have finished all my Bee commitments for August I am going to get started on a few of my own outstanding projects that have been cluttering up my craft room for way too long.

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