Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The first bag of 2013

I had not made a bag this year, until today. I think I am well on my way to overcoming my bag-making addiction but I couldn't resist the Locked and Loaded bag pattern from Sara at Sew Sweetness. She has designed a number of great bag patterns over the past couple of months but the locked and loaded was my favourite, partly because it was made up in my favourite Anna Maria-Horner Loulouthi velveteen but mostly because it featured a metal twist lock. I had three of these in my bag hardware drawer but I had never used them, mostly because I wasn't sure how to! Turns out they are really easy to use and look really professional once installed. I am so pleased with how the bag turned out but I think next time I would use a different interfacing. I wanted the bag to be structured and look satchel-like and although I am pleased with the look of the bag I think I prefer my bags to feel squishier.
Close up of twist lock. Actually the eagle eyed among you will have noticed this isn't a twist lock, it just flips up and down but it still looks shiny and professional and is inserted in the same way.
I love how the metal hardware makes the finished bag look so professional.

I would really recommend this pattern and think I might make another one soon - maybe the bag-making addiction isn't quite conquered.
One another note I need some swap advice. I'm doing a swap and my partner (hope she is not reading this) mentioned she would like a Studio Cherie duffel. I bought the pattern and spent ages stalking her on flickr before deciding to make a quilt as you go duffel. I have spent a long time reading blogs of people who have made QAYG duffels and worked out exactly what I was going to do but today I saw on flickr that she has made herself a Studio Cherie duffle!!! It is not QAYG but it is the same pattern. Now I am in a quandry, do I go ahead with the plan and hope she will be happy to have two duffles (I would be but then I am a person with 30+ handmade bags) or should I pick something else to make, keep the pattern and make myself a QAYG duffel at some point in the future (again I feel compelled to state I am a person with 30+ handmade bags). I would appreciate any advice as my own feelings about bags are probably not entirely normal : - )


  1. Wow - this is amazing!! You sure have a knack to bag making!! - and picking the right fabric for a bag type too!!!

  2. Amazing bag. On the swap front .,,if she asked for a audio cherie duffel I would stick with this. bags in multiple fabrics can only be a good thing.

  3. love the bag, but I really do think you might have a slight problem ;-)