Thursday, 4 April 2013

Swoon 2

I love the Laurie Wisbrun Brrr! Fabric and, after much deliberation, decided to make a second swoon quilt with it. I struggled with my first swoon so I decided to aim to have this done by christmas. I think the snowflakes and bears look festive so I added some little deers from Momo's oh deer line and some pearl bracelets because I love them. I thought I would do one block a month and I wasn't really looking forward to it but I knew I would love the end result. Once I started though something strange happened it was like a massive penny dropped and the blocks all made sense, I made them without thinking too much and didn't have to rip anything out! It was a totally different experience to swoon 1 where I sewed everything the wrong way and made mistakes in every block. I loved making the blocks this time and got into a bit of a routine. Before I knew it the quilt was done. I can't wait to send it off to Debbie to get it quilted. The only problem is that the quilt is so big I can't get a decent picture, here it is (with cat for scale).