Wednesday, 8 February 2012

WIP Wednesday

I FINISHED A QUILT!!! YAY!! I did it all by myself and it turned out good. I am so relieved. I love the piecing but I don't really love the quilting. I was nervous of messing up my lovely quilt top and it was really hard to fit it in my machine so I dithered and procrastinated and put it off for as long as I could. Eventually I bit the bullet and did it. And you know what? It was ok, the worry was worse than just getting on and doing it. It's not perfect but it is done and I love it.

Last week I finished the quilting, this week I did the binding. Initially I wanted to make the binding out of pink, spotty fabric but I didn't have enough so I decided to go with a scrappy border and I am so pleased, it worked out much better than the spotty pink would have.

Scrappy Binding Close-up

Scrappy Binding

I used this cherry blossom print cotton sateen for the back. It feels lovely and was a dream to sew with. I'm not sure it is quite the right match for the front of the quilt but I do love it.

Finished and Bound, not a great picture but it is too cold here to go outside and try to take quilt pics.

This weeks stats

Completed projects - 1!!!
New Projects Started - 0
Currently in Progress - 8


  1. You should be proud! You did well! Congrats on the finish...

  2. This is so pretty and your quilting looks good from here :) It's like the perfect Valentine's day quilt. I imagine having a quilt someday for every holiday and season but that really is a lot of quilts for one house.

  3. That is some really good work, I love the wonkyness of the whole thing. And don't worry the back matches, and has a nice touch plus. You made a quitl for two seasons - Valentines and "Hanami" that's when the Japanese celebrate the cherry blooming - it's a two in one quilt.

  4. Looks fantastic and I love the quilting!

  5. Oh so beautiful quilt! I love your pattern and all those sweet pink fabics! Also the backing is really great!

  6. Congrats on the great finish! It is simply beautiful! I really like the scrappy binding.