Saturday, 19 November 2011

Quilt for my Niece

When my niece was born six weeks ago I was delighted, not only for the safe arrival but also because I thought it was a fantastic chance to use up all my pink scraps. However there is something about the "pink for girls" idea that irritates me, blue is my favourite colour and it seems to me that girls don't have a choice these days, they have to like pink because they are girls. Anyhow ramblings aside I decided to go with a red and aqua theme for the quilt which I think is even prettier than pink. Here is the finished result.

I used my favourite print from Tanya Whelan for the back, it has a special significance for me. My Mum always loved roses and grew the most increadibly beautiful red roses. Since she is no longer with us I thought it a fitting fabric to use for a quilt for her first granddaughter who now carries her name. By making this quilt I feel I am giving a little bit of my Mum's love, I know she would have been busy making things for the baby if she was still with us.

My Mum would have also ironed this :)

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