Friday, 3 August 2012

Cupcake Love

I am totally in love with this block. It is meant to be for a Bee but I am sorely tempted to keep it.

It is not perfect so I might give this one away and make another one for myself. That would be the right thing to do since I used someone elses background fabric.

 Oh how I love pezzys! I adore the pezzy bunting! I used this free pattern from Cyrille Zellweger. She also has an Etsy shop with some awesome patterns. It makes me want to make a farmyard quilt!

I also recieved my fabulous blocks from Candy over at Bee a Lone Starburst today. These are my blocks so far. I am totally delighted with them. (Sorry Candy I should have ironed yours but I was just too excited). I just pinned them together since I don't have a design wall. I am so excited about making this quilt, my mind is already full of layout ideas.

Well I have been having a wonderful holiday, sewing until my heart is content. I set myself a list for the holiday and this is how I am doing so far

  • Finish binding FMF quilt
  • Bind punctuation quilt
  • Finish yellow and grey quilt top and get backing ready to go to Long arm quilter
  • Lone Star blocks for Anna, Dar and Katy
  • See Bee Blissful blocks for Kris
  • Lay on the sofa watching tv for hours on end
  • Get backing ready to go to Long arm quilter for Echo and Star quilt
  • Finish 6 swoon blocks
  • Make sidewalk satchel - about halfway done
  • Make art student tote
  • Make baby dresses for my neice
  • Make bags for my sisters (3 of them - I hope they are not reading this)
  • Finish paper-pieced hexagon cushion

  • Hope you are all having a lovely Summer.


    1. Good enough to eat! You should definitely make yourself another cupcake block.
      I love the blocks you've been receiving too - I'm guessing that's make all your hard work worth it? The rainbow-ness is just fab :)

    2. That cupcake block is brilliant as are your bee blocks - that is going to be a very gorgeous quilt!

    3. that's amazing! I am well impressed!